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Empowering local communities in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries to end child poverty…

We are Child Centred, Family Focused and Community Based since 1985.

We’ve Helped over 325,000 children, 142 local community groups and 2.9 million people.

Social Change Makers

Our approach to eradicating poverty.

It supports and empowers local people through training, investment grants for businesses and essential infrastructure to make radical and sustainable changes within their own community.

We believe local communities have the insights, determination, perseverance and responsibility to care for their children and improve their situations. Therefore all our projects are planned, managed and staffed by local people.

Get involved and raise money for PFC Ethiopia to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and women we support.

What a one-off donation does on the ground…


Can provide one breakfast meal for 25 children.

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Every penny counts…


Can provide food, water, medication for an internally displaced family for a month.

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Help us change lives…


Can provide training and start-up funding to a woman to start a business to generate income for her family.


You can make a difference…