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Adelesh’s Story
By: Pete
Sep 13, 2015

EstubdinkAdelesh lives in the Gende Tesfa community all her life. After her sister and her sister’s husband died she has stepped in to look after their two children. Adelesh is dedicated to caring for the orphans Estubdink and Mikael who recently featured in Michael Buerk’s Radio 4 Appeal for Partners for Change. They live in Gende Tesfa with Adelesh and 4 other children. Their living conditions are insecure – house sitting in a dwelling without water or a toilet. When we first visited Adelesh, her tiny income she earns as a daily labourer did not buy enough to feed them all, she was incredibly anxious about the future. Often there is no food to put on the table.

Mikael is five and doesn’t go to school. Traumatised after the death of his parents, he hardly speaks.

Estubdink is shy also but her eyes light up when she shows her aunt she can write her name, which means “very amazing”  – Partners for Change wants to ensure she and all the other orphan children have the opportunity to become just that.

On our last visit Adelesh had saved some money and set up a shop in her garden. A small one room shack she was selling small household items to passerbys. PfC has selected her to receive financial support and has decided to use this to increase her stock.



We have no doubt that Adelesh will be successful, however despite the many challenges she has and will continue to face, she says

” I will look after these children until I die.”



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