Our actions mitigate the impact of the virus, and enable to become stronger and more resilient to future crises.

Covid-19 is not only a medical emergency but is already having devastating social and economic impacts.  

People live together in shared compounds with several families sharing one toilet and water collected from a communal waterpoint.  Only 8% of the population can wash their hands in their own home.  Trading and business activities are carried out on the streets or in crowded local markets.  With coronavirus restrictions, income from petty trade has collapsed, leaving many unable to afford food or house rent.

Our campaigns will support the most vulnerable in both the short and long term.  



We protect the vulnerable with immediate action.   

Our Ethiopia director introduces our approach.

A CLEAR MESSAGE AND GOOD ADVICE.  Our community volunteers will inform and educate about covid-19, using local radio and mobile phones where personal contact is not possible  (£50 pays for a community volunteer for a month)

WATER, HYGIENE, HANDWASHING.  We provide 500 litre water containers with soap and hand sanitiser (£75 provides a 500 litre container with soap and sanitiser each of which serves ten families)

ECONOMIC HARDSHIP.  We are setting up emergency centres to care for those who have lost their income as a result of the lockdown (£100 equips an emergency centre)

FOOD - We are providing dried food to support those worst affected (£20 feeds a family for a month) 

We already have strong community based networks across the country, working in 142 communities in the poorest urban communities where need is greatest.

We can use these local resources to support those worst affected. Our strategies are all community based, effective and are low cost.


Our campaigns support the most vulnerable.  We work with internally displaced persons, in new settlements at Bishoftu and Hawassa.  We support girls who are already in a vulnerable position, affected by early marriage, gender based violence and rape, and leaving school early.  We provide care for children who are orphaned, as a result of the pandemic or other causes.