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Fayo’s Story
By: Pete
Sep 16, 2015

Fayo is 20 years old. She lives with her child, her mother, Nuriya and her three children in a completely empty one room house – thereare no clothes, no possessions, no door, no mattresses, just a pile of ash in the middle of the floor. Fayo’s mother has mental health problems; she needs constant watching otherwise she is likely to set fire to anything she can get her hands on.

Fayo is caring for her mother and the children without any assistance, except from a friend who looks after the family’s remaining possessions to save them from ending up in ashes.
Because of Fayo’s mother the family are outcasts in a community who are themselves outcasts. They have no one to turn to. One of Fayo’s brothers went to live in Djibouti
– he couldn’t handle the stress, her other brother, who showed signs of academic promise
dropped out of university and himself has mental health problems. Fayo’s husband moved away because of the household difficulties, but Fayo felt responsible for her mother and thechildren so refused to go with him. The father of her mother’s children is ill and cannot contribute anything.

The only bread winner is Fayo, sometimes she can get work as a laundress, or cleaning coffee for processing, more often there is no way to earn money to buy food except by prostitution.

Previously Fayo had worked in a small shop and she would like to start her own. However she doesn’t know how she can do this, since she’d need to have a locked store to protect the stock from her mother. A locked store would be expensive. PfC is now assisting Fayo to start her business, and are trying to find suitable residential medical care for Nuriya in Addis Ababa. Fayo’s house is at the top of the list for renovation

MAY 2019. A GREAT OUTCOME. We have worked with the local community. They have renovated her house and helped her to open a small coffee stall, with her sister, which is providing an income for the family. Nuriya still suffers from mental illness, but with a better house and money coming in, she is more settled and her outbursts less frequent and violent. The change in their situation is wonderful to see.


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