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Empowering the poorest communities to end child poverty


In the urban slum communities we work with children often go hungry. We help in the following ways;

  • Teaching people urban agriculture – how to grow organic food in their backyards in containers

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  • Showing people how to cook vegetables and preserve nutrients
  • Teaching people how to sell surplus produce at market


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  • Teachin people how to fatten small livestock such as goats and chickens to sell at market

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  • Setting up community grain banks – buying grain at harvest when prices are lowest and selling to the community at below market price throughout the year

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  • Running community dairies – providing milk to the poorest in any quantity at a low price

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  • In areas affected by the changing climate teaching communities how to adapt and grow new crop varieties

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You can help

£10 a month will provide a family with goats for fattening as well as training, feed and veterinary support.

£300 will provide support and training to a women’s urban agriculture self-help group so women can set up a small farming business and feed their children.