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Empowering the poorest communities to end child poverty

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Live, Learn, Grow

Join the campaign to end child poverty in the Gende Tesfa community


Living in the eastern city of Dire Dawa, the Gende Tesfa community is one of the poorest in Ethiopia. Many years ago people in the community suffered from leprosy and the rest of the city kept away from anybody living there. Today, even though leprosy is no longer present people are still treated as social outcasts. Consequently poverty is terrible because people cannot get jobs and children have not been able to go to school. There are 15,540 people in this community, around 3,000 households.

There are 850 orphan and vulnerable children in Gende Tesfa.

Daily life is tough. Some live on the streets, others live in very poor families – none of them have enough food to eat every day and so often get sick because of poor nutrition, unsafe drinking water and disease. Most do no go to school because they are either too weak to concentrate or have to beg in the city.

There are 220 full orphans – these children have no parents. Some live on the streets and some are looked after by relatives. These children lead a truly miserable life – they do not know from one day to the next if they will eat or if they can continue staying with relatives, who are often so poor they find it difficult enough feeding their own children. Many end up living their life on the streets.

Join us and help these children , their families and carers to live, learn and grow.

  • £10 will pay for a child to attend tutorial class for a year. This will help children who have missed education to catch up and improve their opportunities
  • £75 supports an orphan for a year. This will help us to find them a loving family to care for them, provide food, clothes and uniform, books and pens to go to school.
  • £120 provides a carer with training and star-up money to start a small business. All the carers are people who live in the community and they themselves are poor. We will support and guide them along the way. When their business is established we can then help other orphan children who need a family.
  • £170 provides training for the poorest people to grow food or keep sheep or goats – this includes animals and tools for growing food.
  • £235 will train an orphan in a skill they can use to create their own business or help them find a job – e.g. hairdressing, taxi driving, metalwork, woodwork.
  • £120 will help the young person either set up a business or find a job once they have received their training.

Children in Gende Tesfa need water!

The people in the community have no access to safe drinking water. We want to provide 6 water points so children and their families don’t have to fall ill or pay a high price for water from other communities.

To do this we need to raise £11,000

Children in Gende Tesfa need toilets!

Imagine not having a toilet! The people in Gende Tesfa have to find places to go to the toilet and this is not only embarrassing and uncomfortable it also causes disease.

We need to build 5 blocks of communal toilets which costs £35,000

Children in Gende Tesfa need showers!

People in the community have nowhere to keep clean. Can you imagine – where they live is a very hot place and going without a shower every day of your life must be horrible. Also it means that other people in the city think the people from Gende Tesfa are unclean and dirty people.

We need to build 2 blocks of communal showers which costs £25,000

Children in Gende Tesfa need good schools!

Not only do we need to get children going to school but we also need to make sure these schools have desks, blackboards, chairs and books. We also need to train the teachers. There are two very poor schools in the area.

We need to raise £4,000 for each school to make sure children receive a good education.

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