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Enable the poorest women and carers to receive business training and start up funds to set up their own small businesses. This will change the lives of their families and also stimulate the local economy. This tried and tested approach has lifted thousands of the poorest women out of poverty for good across Ethiopia – help us to reach more.

Just £100 funds training for a woman living in poverty so that she can start her own business and then receive an interest free loan, which, once paid back, will then be recycled to help other women. Women meet together once a week and support and learn from each other. PfC Ethiopia has successfully helped tens of thousands of women in this way. Together we have transformed the lives of their families and changed their status in their households and in their community. Women in self help groups have gone on to become community leaders and set up cooperatives. Enabling women to become economically active changes the lives of their children and the communities they live and grow up in.

Displaced people

In 2019 more than 700,000 people from the Oromo region of Ethiopia have been made homeless resulting in hunger, disease, psycho-social problems, sexual harassment, lack of care for pregnant mothers, unsafe births and child malnutrition. JeCCDO, our partner in Ethiopia has assisted 1,918 displaced people including 705 children. They require considerably more support – join us and give the children a brighter future.

Our partner in Ethiopia, JeCCDO, used £55,000 profit generated from its social enterprise in Bishoftu to assist 1,918 displaced people including 705 children.
Partners for Change will use its experience and expertise to enable these people to continue to build a new life for their families. The process is complicated and requires a range of support such as permanent housing, job creation, basic infrastructure such as water and sanitation and helping the community to come together and identify their priorities.
£6 a month provides food for a child – this will be required for a minimum of six months until their parents and guardians are able to generate income.
£1,000 will enable the construction of two indoors safe play area for small children and equip this with play materials and connect it with water and sanitation
£100 will enable a woman to receive training and start up loan to start a small business
£4,400 connects the selected resettlement sites with the existing water system of Bishoftu town

Gender based violence in Somaliland

Help us to enable the poorest homeless women, living in camps in Somaliland to be provided with the skills to help women victims of gender based violence and enable them to get access to justice. Sharing a land border with Ethiopia Somaliland has some of the highest incidents of gender based violence in the world – join us and play a role in changing this for good.

This campaign is a first for us. We are extending our activities outside Ethiopia for the first time and working in Hargeisa in Somaliland.
This project will use the skills we have built up in Ethiopia both to support women and girls and to work in camps for displaced persons. There are over 70,000 in temporary settlements around Hargeisa, mostly people driven from their homes in the war and conflict in Somaliland. There is little government or infrastructure and women and girls are especially vulnerable. GBV or gender based violence is at an unacceptably high level. This project will work in a community of 6,000 people, recruiting teams to work in refugee camps, providing training and awareness of the problems of GBV, and enabling identification and resolution of problems. The cost of the programme is £9,000 and we have already received a donation of £5,000 to get this new area of work off to a good start. We are seeking a further £4,000 to complete this as soon as possible and will then continue with further projects among these desperate refugee communities.

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