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Empowering the poorest communities to end child poverty



Are you passionate about making a difference? We are recruiting Partners For Change Ethiopia Ambassadors, so that we can help more vulnerable children and their communities in Ethiopia in 2017.

Partners for Change is not about giving hand-outs but does believe in giving hand-ups. The contributions of the people in Ethiopia to their communities will almost certainly be more sacrificial than anything we will be able to offer.

But the communities we work with will need start-up money as well as skill, enthusiasm and initiative. Partners may want to provide financial support, but we realise that not everybody will be in a position to do so. Giving your time and energy is an effective way of getting others involved here are some of the ways you can do so.


Our Holy Trinity School, Cookham Ambassadors

What is a PfC Ambassador ?
An Ambassador is someone who wants to support PfC because they are excited by the work thatwe do, and want to help more. They are more than just supporters. They are our local partnersand champions. They help PfC become a bigger and more effective network across the UK, working together to help some of the poorest communities in the world out of poverty.
What do Ambassadors do for PfC?
They support the work of PfC. Ambassadors are the first to hear of our progress, needs and
campaigns. They do what they can to support the work. An Ambassador might approach a club they belong to or group of people they socialise or meet with to arrange an event or send a donation; they might commend us to a grant-making trust which they know; they might put us in touch with a business; they might arrange a bake sale, a silent auction or a sponsored run.
What does PfC do for Ambassadors?
We want Ambassadors to support us but we also want to support them and for them to be enriched by their relationship with Ethiopia. We are arranging an Ambassadors’ visit to the projects in Ethiopia for those who able to travel, but if you can’t make that there is also an Ambassador’s Facebook page so you can keep up to date with what is happening. There will also be regular gettogethers to learn from and support each other.

We aim to send as much of the money raised by Ambassadors direct to Ethiopia. However, we have to keep PfC going in the UK and so a small proportion of any money raised will be used for that purpose and also to keep our Ethiopian organisation funded. If we don’t do this, then we will not have an organisation to deliver the much needed services.
PfC aims to keep Ambassadors informed of how the money they raise is making a difference. Due to limited resources and wanting to keep administrative costs to a minimum, we cannot provide regular updates on individuals to Ambassadors. English is a second language in Ethiopia and hard – pressed teachers and our staff working on the ground do not have time to translate and collect letters. We aim to provide progress reports once a year and there will also be general updates twice a year.

Would it be possible for me to visit the project I am supporting in Ethiopia?

Yes, definitely, but you would be required to fund this yourself. PFC Ethiopia is planning a trip to Ethiopia next autumn. Please contact John Binns to find out  jb344@cam.ac.uk

Will I be able to meet other Partners For Change Ethiopia?

Yes, there will be quarterly gatherings in 2017. These will be publicised on our Facebook page.

If you would like to apply to be a Partners For Change Ethiopia Ambassador, please contact Reverend John Binns (Chair of the Trustees at PFC Ethiopia): jb344@cam.ac.uk or phone: 07941 344 314.


Meet some of our  Ambassadors

ETHIOPIA A (569)Sarah Parfitt

Sarah has always been passionate about learning about different cultures and travelling. She loves “connecting people” locally and internationally and has travelled to Ethiopia on three occasions.

“I am very proud to be an Ambassador for PFC Ethiopia. During my first visit to Ethiopia with the charity, I met a boy called Feleke who hadn’t eaten for several days and it broke my heart. Since then, I have met hundreds of Feleke’s in Ethiopia. It reminded me how blessed my family and I are. My sons and I hope to be a tiny ripple in the ocean of change and help the children at Gende Tesfa School.” Along with her son Joshua, Sarah set up the link between her village Cookham in Berkshire and the community of Gende Tesfa in Ethiopia in March 2015. With the help of Holy Trinity School, the local churches and friends, they have raised £13,725.35 so far and funded the Breakfast Club and built a sports ground, pit latrines and a water-point in Gende Tesfa. Sarah also co-organised the 30th Anniversary celebrations for PFC Ethiopia at the House of Commons  in 2014 in the presence of Princess Alexandra and Michael Buerk and a stage presentation for PFC Ethiopia at WOMAD. Sarah has worked as an international broadcast journalist and trainer for more than twenty years, and has been based in London, Sydney, Vienna and Amsterdam. She is co-founder of the Media Hub, a networking group for media professionals (www.themediahubuk.com) and is a marathon fun-runner – she has done 14 all over the world.

Mr Gary in Gende Tesfa 1Gary Battell
Gary advises Partners for Change on sustainable energy and social enterprise on a pro bono basis. Having first travelled to Ethiopia in 1985 Gary brings his expertise and passion to helping Partners for Change develop social enterprise projects to meet social need and to generate income for the work we do.

Margaret Johnston

Margaret Johnston

Margaret is thechair of the Great St Mary’s, Cambridge Wider Concerns Committee and also currently Churchwarden.  Margaret was the Administrator of the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge before she retired.

“Great St. Mary’s is the University Church at the heart of Cambridge with an inclusive and wide ranging ministry, reaching out to the community and our many visitors from all over the world, and with partnerships in mission at home and abroad.

The Parochial Church Council are strong supporters of Partners for Change through their Wider Concerns Committee.  Our policy is toe support a relatively small number of projects on an on going basis, particularly where we have a direct link to enable feedback on progress, and an educational element

We have been greatly inspired by the remarkable pioneering work of Partners for Change and its forerunner, St. Matthew’s Children’s Fund, which we have been supporting for some 15 years or more.  We have exhibitions and presentations about the projects and hosted a party in 2015 to celebrate 30 years of their work.  It was wonderful to meet Mulugeta Gebru and to hear about developments at first hand, as well as of course from John (Binns) and Pete (Jones) following their regular visits.  For engagement with the congregation we have a leaflet about the project with a photograph at the time of the collection and an article in our monthly Newsletter.  We also feature on our website and through Facebook and Twitter.

We so look forward to working in collaboration through the Ambassador scheme.”


13391530_1087995397913957_6328102279698508499_oJoshua Mustard (aged nine)

Joshua is in year four at Holy Trinity School in Cookham and inspired by his mum, Sarah Parfitt, to set up a link between Holy Trinity School and Gende Tesfa School. Joshua recently won a competition in the Maidenhead Advertiser and along with his school friends, organised a Swim Disco at the Magnet swimming-pool in Maidenhead. McDonalds very generously sponsored the event and donated a staggering 100 Happy Meals! Joshua raised £1250 and this money has been split between Gende Tesfa School and Holy Trinity School. Last summer, Joshua also did the Blenheim Palace Junior Duathlon to raise funds for PFC Ethiopia.  Joshua’s favourite subjects at school are Geography and Creative Computing. Joshua’s hobbies are playing football (he plays for Cookham Dean FC), swimming, tennis, Cubs Drama, singing in the Holy Trinity Church choir, playing the piano and travelling.


Jack Mustard (aged six) LastdayoftermJuly2016-1

Jack is in year two at Holy Trinity School and loves singing, dancing, drama, IT and sport. Jack and his classmates recently wrote letters and sent pictures and pencils to their friends at Gende Tesfa School. Chocolate Bear (the year two class mascot) recently told Jack and his school friends all about his adventures in Ethiopia in November. Jack was very sad to hear that the children at Gende Tesfa School don’t have enough to eat and that they don’t have any toys. He became a PFC Ethiopia Ambassador in February 2016 and wants to help the children at Gende Tesfa School.

ChristineChristine Brown

Christine has been volunteering with Partners for Change since 2009, shortly after a visit to Ethiopia where she visited some of the projects.  Christine manages the database, acknowledges donations and helps with newsletters and reports amongst many other things!

Inaya UlhaqIMG_0086-2

I am a full time mother to four amazing young boys, between the ages of 12-6. It is a job I throughly enjoy, I am learning new things every day. Having children has changed me, I want to help them build a future that makes them aware off the world around us and the suffering children their age deal with on daily basis in other parts off the world. Luxuries we take for granted each day. Sarah (Parfitt) has told me many stories that have brought me to tears and I feel that suffering children across the world is a responsibility to us all, to help by any means possible however small we may think it is so therefore I would welcome the opportunity to represent you charity as an ambassador and to help raise as many funds as possible for the child of Gende Tesfe.
Prior to having children I did have a life. I graduated at university with a degree in Design Management.
I have worked as account manager for a cosmetics brand. Also I was a very successful recruitment consultant, I have an excellent background in sales.

00E54FCB-A7A9-4805-BE9C-EFECBC88649E-188-000000141E30FBC5_tmp Michael Ulhaq (aged eight)

Michael Ulhaq is in year four at Holy Trinity School Cookham.
Michael is a kind and caring young boy who looks at the world and asks many questions as to why the life of some children is so so different to his. As he slowly learns that there are many problems in the world he wishes to help in some way.
Michael went along and helped out at Kit-aid where football kits, football boots and footballs that are donated by many football clubs in the U.K. are sent out to developing countries to children and adults.
We collected many boxes that day and had them sent to Gende Tesfa. Along side this Michael also helped his friend Joshua with the swim disco.
Michael enjoys the piano he will be sitting his grade three this summer. He is a very keen mathematician with excellent computer skills.
He is a young boy set to change the world within his generation.

Harris Ulhaq (aged six)3FA05B7B-2775-4B44-81DE-14F3AE41C43A-188-0000001202A09F12_tmp

Harris Ulhaq is in year two at Holy Trinity School Cookham.
Harris is a young boy like his brother who wishes to help others. Harris alongside Jack (Mustard) and his other classmates wrote letters to Gende Tesfa School with such great joy and excitement and was so excited when asked to send a pencil with the letter that he asked if he could send 100 pencils. So along with his brother Michael they put in their own money and brought 100 pencil and sent them alongside with their letters.
Harris like all boys his age loves to play football and is also coming along really well with his tennis.
Computers are his world at such a young age his IT skills are amazing, and as the youngest of four brothers he is always catching up. Harris enjoys reading and maths is his favourite subject.
Harris like his bother Michael is humbled by what he has in his life and wishes to help other children, especially those off Gende Tesfa.


Jitka Vick

My name is Jitka Vick and I am a very proud Czech. After living in different countries my husband and I moved to the UK almost 12 years ago. I feel very lucky to be a part of a great community in Cookham, Berkshire. This became even more apparent to me when my children started to grow up and I saw how happy they are here.

Coming from a country, which was under too many restrictions during my childhood, I feel very passionate about equal rights and opportunities for children no matter where they were born. My husband and I have been supporting Save the Children charity for many years and I also did some voluntary work for a children’s charity organisation while living in the U.S. I was very lucky to meet my wonderful friend Sarah Parfitt whose enthusiasm and passion for PFC Ethiopia has been very inspiring. Sarah has been great in organising various events to support PFC. However, my favourite one is connecting our school with Gende Tesfa school. It’s great to see the immediate impact of  our help and knowing the children in Gende Tesfa can benefit from this link continuously and almost immediately.

This project also represents a wonderful opportunity for my children, Alexander (9 y.o.) and Sienna (7 y.o.), to get actively involved in helping other children and realizing how many (to them) basic things these children are lacking. As a result, they’ve started to appreciate things that many of us take for granted and are eager to help more. Alex, Sienna and I feel very proud and excited now to roll up our sleeves and start helping…


Faye Knightfinal faye pic

Faye lives in Cookham, Berkshire, is a mother of two and also a children’s physiotherapist for which she set up her own practice two years ago. She helps children to achieve their physical goals whether they have a long term disability or a sports injury. Faye was inspired to help Partners for Change by her friend Sarah Parfitt and her infectious enthusiasm and drive as an Ambassador for the project. She also loves the link that has been made between her children’s school, Holy Trinity and Gende Tesfa. Ava (nine) and Arthur (six) are very animated about the project and have lots of fundraising ideas, some more fantastical than others!  It’s important to Faye that both her children learn about the lives of others in different countries and also the difficulties they may have accessing basic things that our children often take for granted, but also knowing that we don’t just give money but that we can help people to develop their own solutions to their struggles.

unnamed-2Nicoleta Radu 

I’m passionate about sports activities,health and skin care. I am experienced Professional Master Degree in Sports and Skin Therapies. I’m health coach trained at IIN http://www.integrativenutrition.com. I’m involved to help people find their own way to be healthy having a joyful and happy life . I was involved in different projects during the years :

* Medical Services between Austria- Romania . Helping people with medical problem to have complete services in hospitals and and coming back to normal life / collaboration was with Privatklinik Dobling in Vienna and I was responsible for Customer Care Management.

* Rotary club in Romania. Projects to help hospitals with blankets, sheets, pillows , TVs.

*Food for orphans in Romania. Food for churches, houses with family’s in country side ( poor area)

*Building part of a church it was a feeling that I cannot describe in words  … feeling blessed that I have that chance.


Since I’m in London with my son Joshua (7 years old) in 2015 June my life became full of infinite possibilities…in the last months I decide to have a new life~ new beginning~ new me…

Positive energy means you can have everything in this life : you can be a doctor , a constructor , a director, wherever you can imagine your life ~ that frame became reality of your own life!

Leng Forrest


Leng Forrest is a  mum of 2 boys and teaches digital skills class for people who want to learn about coding, plus how to create a website. Classes are in the Maidenhead area for adults, young people or kids wanting to learn about coding (HTML, CSS, Python, microbits), how to create and maintain websites (WordPress) and the latest technology (virtual reality, 3D printing etc). You’ll learn how to create a professional website for yourself or small business. We’ll look at domains, hosting server, how to install WordPress content management software, customise your pages and create content.