To empower the most disadvantaged communities in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries to end child poverty

Tesfa Hope Campaign

    a year of action, fundraising, education  

emergency help, long term support, building civil society

Community for Displaced Persons Building a Camp of Hope 
Akima is one of many people forced to flee their homes.  We will provide food, fresh water and homes to build new communities. 

Long term support for children 

'Shining Hope' - Biruh Tesfa


Biruh Tesfa, or Shining Hope' School is planning a Breakfast Club for the poorest children to build a long term secure future.  Epsudink is one child who has benefitted  from the programme.

Epsudink and Miki.png

New Directions in Development

A better life for all 

We work with community groups, charities and government in many projects to reduce conflict, strengthen civil society and empower communities 

We provide education - water and sanitation - emergency food. 
We also help communities recover.







Our approach is based on a simple principle.


Members of the poor communities themselves are the people with the insights, determination, perseverance – and responsibility – to care for their own children and to improve their own situations.

We are:



We believe that children should be cared for in their own community



Our projects are planned, managed and staffed by local people



We respond to all the needs of children within their community

This approach has so far given a new life to 325,000 children
Ethiopia is going through a period of violence and tension with conflict in some areas, including Tigray, parts of Shoa and Benishangul Gummuz.
We monitor the situation carefully, and work with government, other agencies and community groups to build a stable society for all.
All our projects continue safely.
We are responding to the emergency by caring for those driven from their homes and supporting them in Displaced Persons Camps.
We continue to work with communities across the country in building sustainable and supportive communities.
In these sad times, we remain committed to the people and communities of Ethiopia, and believe in their resourcefulness and courage in building new futures.