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Covid-19 Emergency in Ethiopia
By: Pete
Jun 3, 2020

Coronavirus is changing societies across the world

Covid-19 Emergency in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia the arrival of the virus comes as the country is re-building after the biggest locust infestation for 70 years.

The government is struggling to respond and adapt but there are extra challenges

Health care is limited and hospitals few and far between, and lack equipment.  One large hospital in the capital has just one ventilator.

People live together in shared compounds and buildings with several families sharing one toilet.

Water has to be collected from the communal water point and used sparingly

Trading and business activities are carried out on the street.  Since all petty trading income has collapsed, there is acute need, with many people unable to afford their house-rent.

There is no social protection scheme in place.

JeCCDO already has a strong community network of community support across the country, through the 142 of the poorest urban communities where we work, and where the need is greatest.  We can use these local resources to support those worst affected.  Our strategies are all community based, effective and are low cost.

Protecting vulnerable families become more urgent with the devastating effect of CoVID-19 on the economic situation of so many across the country.

In order to tackle the multidimensional impacts of CoVID-19 we all need to move fast.  Our priorities are the most vulnerable groups.  Internally Displaced Persons, Women who are heads of families, Girls exposed to gender based violence, children who have been orphaned.

Our Coronavirus programme

  • A CLEAR MESSAGE AND GOOD ADVICE. We are arranging Volunteer Community Facilitators to inform and educate about Covid-19 and how to keep safe, using local radio and mobile phones where direct contact is not possible. £50 pays for a community facilitator for a month
  • WATER, HYGIENE, HAND WASHING. We are providing 500 litre water containers with soap and sanitiser each of which will enable 10 families to maintain effective hygiene – and hand washing. £75 provides a 500 litre container with soap and sanitiser
  • ECONOMIC HARDSHIP. We are setting up emergency centres to care for those who have lost their income as a result of the lockdown.  £100 equips an emergency centre
  • FOOD SUPPORT. We are providing dried food to support those worst affected. £20 feeds a family for a month
  • ORPHAN CARE AND SUPPORT. There will be more orphans as adults die from the disease leaving children without care.  We will work with the community to ensure that orphaned children are welcomed into guardian families.  £120 gives the child and the guardian family basic payments and support in starting a new business for financial sustainability

Help us to enable the poorest communities to become more resilient and better able to look after their children during and after the Covid-19 emergency.


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