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Colin Battell was the founder  of Partners for Change.  He was Anglican Chaplain in Addis Ababa from 1979 to 1994, and is now a Roman Catholic Benedictine monk.

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Gary Battell is Suffolk County Council's woodland advisor, where he has worked for 22 years, and he previously worked for the Forestry Commission and National Trust.  He knows Ethiopia well over many years and has advised PfC on social enterprise and publishing.  He has also set up a project to enable coffee producer co-operatives to export their harvest to the UK.
John Binns is chair of trustees and co-ordinator.  As well as a commitment to development, he has also researched the religious traditions of Ethiopia and his publications include the Orthodox Church of Ethiopia: A History (London 2017)    

Christine Brown visited JeCCDO projects in 2008.  After her retirement as a Therapeutic Radiographer she volunteered in the PfC office for six years and so got to know the charity well.


Margaret Johnston was the Administrator of the Department of Earth Sciences, in the University, and Executive Secretary of the European Union of Geosciences.  She is Churchwarden at Great St Mary's, the University Church Cambridge, where she is responsible for developing partnerships in mission overseas and at home.  


Karina Prasad is a senior project manager for the charity and higher education sectors both in the USA and UK.  She has worked for Age UK and is now head of the Postdoc Academy at the University of Cambridge.  She has developed new programmes in entrepreneurship and leadership and engages widely with national and international organisations related to the development of young researchers.


Angela Robson is an award-winning journalist, documentary maker and communications consultant. She has reported from more than fifty countries for the BBC, the Guardian, Le Monde diplomatique, Comic Relief and many other media organisations, foundations and charities. 

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Roy Warden is Treasurer and Finance Officer
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Marta Sort is a Campaigns and Development Officer and has experience working as a project manager for the Fairtrade Foundation, managing projects in East Africa and Latin America.

Mulugeta Gebru is the Executive Director of JeCCDO.  He has worked for JeCCDO for over 30 years, building up the organisation and developing new and innovatove approaches to development which have been widely followed. 

We are honoured that HRH Princess Alexandra 

agreed to be our Patron. 


She celebrates our achievements here

with Mulugeta Gebru.