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The Somali people live across a wide area in the Horn of Africa. The republic of Somalia with its capital at Mogadishu and its fundamentalist movement of al-Shabaab is often in the news. But there is also another state, of Somaliland, on the north coast of the Horn, with its capital at Hargeisa, administered by the British in colonial times. This declared its independence in 1991, and while it is not recognised as a sovereign state, it has developed a popular and peaceful society, based on a successful blend of the traditional meetings of the community elders or guurti with western democracy. There are 4 million inhabitants who together are building a new and widely admired society. We at PfC are honoured to work with one of the groups sharing in building the new Somaliland. Barwaaqo (meaning Prosperity or Good Life) Voluntary Organisation works across the society with a strong presence in refugee and displ

aced persons camps.

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