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We are committed to keeping all who we work with safe.  This is our policy agreed in December 2020 

Our mission as Partners for Change Ethiopia is to empower the most disadvantaged communities in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries to end child poverty.

In pursuing this mission, we observe these principles:

• that children should be treated without discrimination as to ethnicity, sex, religion, language, ability, or any other status;

• that children should be protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect, exploitation, or bad treatment;

• that, wherever possible, children should be cared for in their own community.

The trustees of Partners for Change Ethiopia, and all others working on behalf of the organisation or making visits organised by it:

• should be made aware of this policy and agree to abide by it;

• should take concerns arising from possible contravention of this policy seriously and initiate prompt and appropriate action when required, including respecting confidentiality;

• should not commit any physical or emotional abuse of any child;

• should not spend excessive time alone with any child;

• should not enter into any relationship with any child which could be seen as exploitative or abusive, including any sexual relationship.


We expect the partner organisations with which we work in other countries to have an equivalent policy on safeguarding and to be able to demonstrate that it is observed. We will make sure that such organisations understand our policy.


All children for whose benefit Partners for Change Ethiopia works, in whatever country including the United Kingdom, or where appropriate those families or communities responsible for the welfare of those children, will be made aware of how to express concerns about possible contraventions of this policy. Partners for Change Ethiopia will appoint a trustee to oversee the operation of this policy.


Concerns arising from possible contravention of this policy can be made to this person or to any other trustee. This policy applies in relation to vulnerable adults in the same way as it applies to children.


This policy was adopted on 4 December 2020

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