Any donation, however large or small will help to give a new life and new hope to some of the poorest children in the world.

These are some of the things your support can achieve 

£6   provides sanitation pads for five girls for one month 

£20   provides emergency food for a family for a month 

  £50   pays one Volunteer Community Programme Facilitator                                       to provide information about covid-19 and support for people                         who are vulnerable for one month.  Our volunteers are young                            people who come from the local community 

£75   provides a 500 litre water container and sanitiser which serves 10 families

£100   equips an emergency centre for women and children with no income due to lockdown

£120   gives one orphan child a new life by placing them with a                              guardian family, providing a monthly payment and a loan for                      the family to start a small business

Partners for Change works closely at the community level and this ensures your money is used for the maximum benefit.

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