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Mulu's story

Mulu was one of the first children we cared for in our homes. 

She contracted smallpox as a child and became blind. 

She did well at school,  went to Addis Ababa University where

she gained a first class degree and is now a lawyer. 

She reflected; 'Children with disabilities like mine usually end up begging on the streets.  But the head of our home spent a lot of time with me.  She said that if I had confidence in myself I could achieve anything.  I believed her.  Now I want to show that someone who comes from nothing can be successful against all the odds'.  

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'JeCCDO/PfC is one of the best - if not the very best - development agency I have worked with in Africa'.

(Kevin Cahill - former Chief Executive of Comic Relief).

Tayich co-ordinates women's self help groups in the southern city of Hawassa: 

'At first we did not understand or know about our rights.  But JeCCDO showed how we can fight for the rights of others.  Now I know we can achieve rights for women, children - all who are disadvantaged.' 

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It’s a privilege to volunteer for PfC; I know its mutually beneficial, as I have added value to their work, and at the same time I have learnt so much that I was able to use in my job and with other charities.   (Gary Battell)

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